Planning and execution of a pool renovation

When we arrived at our customer, we found a pool that was never filled with water, and everything was not really in the corner and in the Lot.

After surveying, planning began.

Subsequently, some changes were made to the basin that required the soil to be worked.

but also the walls of the pool had a processing necessary.

Then we took care of the tile work in the basin.

To be able to install the technology in the same breath.

and then water came into the basin.

In addition, we have also made the terrace around the pool at the same time.

even if your pool or terrace would need a refurbishment, please contact us, and we will visit you without obligation and have a look.

Bitte Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir werden mit Ihnen einen Termin zur Besichtigung vereinbaren, um ein Angebot für Sie zuzuschneiden.
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