In a personal consultation, you will receive all the information you need for your construction project.After a conversation with us, you can request a detailed offer, including the planning required for the building permit, as well as a detailed description of the construction, including the offer ,
After the contract has been concluded, we obtain the relevant expert reports and permits, and once the approval has been received, work can begin on new construction, remodeling, renovation or refurbishment.

In the event that an architect is required for the permits, we can obtain offers from several partner architects.
For our efforts, you will then receive a detailed invoice listing all expenses and travel expenses.
The work can be monitored by a specialist on request, so that you can be sure that there will be no defects in your new home.

Building inspection

Share this on WhatsAppConstruction supervision and construction management: Construction supervision and construction management ensure the implementation of your plans. In this important function, we are your partner and helper from the groundbreaking to faultless completion. Trained civil engineers secure, manage and control your construction site in all building regulations and contract issues. This continuous coordination …


Share this on WhatsAppMeasures requiring approval. Basically, for new buildings, conversions and renovations, building permits are required if new living space is created or roofs, load-bearing walls or facades are changed. No building permit is required for maintenance and repair. Permits are also required for earthworks, Creation of roads and slopes, as well as for …

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